@RunCalcBot - Telegram bot which helps you in planning your running workouts

Your coach: today you do 15 minutes warming up, then 3 kilometers in 10 km pace, then 5 times of 400 meters in 5 km pace followed by 30 seconds rest, after 5 repetitions do a 1.5 km in easy pace and then 1.5 hours in marathon pace.

Your spouse: how long are you going to be away?

You: I have no idea :-( 2 hours. Maybe 3. Today’s training schema is quite complex. Oh… wait! Let me check my bot!

You: copy pasting and sending a message to the bot WU=5:00,T10=3:40,E=4:30,T5=3:30,Rest=10:00,M=4:00;15:00WU + 3T10 + 1.5E + 5 * (0.4T5 + 00:30Rest) + 1.5E + 1:30:00M

Bot: Estimated distance - 33.750, time - 02:19:00

You: honey, I’m going to be back in two and a half hours. It’s gonna be almost 34 kilometers

Your spouse: ok, I’ll call an ambulance

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If you don’t like bots you can use calculation engine as a standalone Java application as described here.